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If you have read my previous articles, you have chosen your method to install your website, and you have followed the installation of WordPress … However, there is one question you may have already asked yourself …

Blog or Website? But what is the difference between the 2? Is there a difference in design?

This article will be very short and you will quickly understand why … The difference between a website and a blog is … there isn’t!

This is simply a different terminology, because the blog is in principle a website presenting a series of articles (and therefore having a more dynamic philosophy), while the classic website will be rather static (presenting fixed pages ).

So why this post? I just wanted to give you this precision because, it will be useful for a future article where I will detail the different sections of WordPress and how to use them.

Simply remember: a blog is a website presenting a series of articles, when a website is made up of pages …

Tell me in the comments if you need more clarification.

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